How do you make money surfing online in 2021? Is it true?

earn money by browsing

If you are looking for 100 Legit Ways to Get Paid to Surf the Web welcome to here. As is known to all, the popularization of the Internet has changed people’s life style. Nowadays, we can realize online payment, ordering takeout and social networking functions through smart phones. It is also because of this that young people nowadays rely very much on mobile phones and the Internet.

But you know what? The Internet can also have a dark side!

For young people, there are temptations everywhere on the Internet, for example, some people are addicted to games, some people are addicted to online shopping, and some netizens are addicted to “bad websites”!

Topic of the Day: How does a bad website that seems “free” actually make money? After reading the answer, the netizens said: regret to know late, dare not see!

“Bad site” is not legal, compliance refers to Internet web sites, such as phishing sites and fraudulent websites and video websites, pirated resources website and so on, these all belong to “bad sites”, and these basic site are also constructed by hackers, when we go to browse, will find that most of these sites are no charge, so the website operators how to profit? After all, the construction and operation are very expensive!

Perhaps a lot of friends will know, “bad website” will have a lot of advertising, and although the website operators can rely on these advertising profit, but it simply can not maintain the operation of the website!

Of course, the Internet era is also “traffic for the king” era, although the bad website daily traffic will be very large, but if only rely on traffic, also can have a lot of profit, and “bad website” operators are basically only two big way to profit, don’t be used, but also silly don’t know! Who can paid to surf the web?

The first is to peddle users’ personal information! We will find that after we watch the “bad website”, our mobile phone is very easy to receive some gambling spam messages, marketing calls and so on, but the real reason is because our personal information has been all sold by the website operators.

For example, this year a relatively explosive news, a European and American countries “adult video” website data leak, resulting in 10.89 billion users watching records were exposed, which contains the user’s payment record, name, mobile phone number and chat records, which involves 530,000 Chinese users!

The second is to hack into users’ mobile phones and computers and implant “mining” programs for profit. Want to know, bad site there are a lot of unknown download links, virus, etc., if the invasion of your phone and computer, then implanted into some listeners, mining process, the hacker may use your equipment to dig on the network digital currency for profit, and the value of one currency is as high as more than 10, so this is the “poor site operators” larger profit one way, and the whole process for mining the wastage of the computer, mobile phone is relatively large, will cause caton, scrap in advance.

In a word, for “bad website” we must learn to refuse, do not ignore the dangerous tips of the mobile phone system, so as to download some “bad video” APP, or even in the inside of the recharge pay to watch, otherwise your personal information, mobile phone may have problems. Is that clear to everyone? In the popular “we media short video today, the website is something that is outdated, this kind of thing can still make money now? It will be perfect if we can earn money by browsing.

In the Internet era where traffic is king, we need to show our information to the audience. Websites, micro-blogs, short videos and we-media platforms are all communication media. They are essentially the same, but the difference is that the rules and efficiency are different.

Site relative to other media, the threshold is higher, and other channels of market share in the growth, the search engine end of the flow in the decline, and the site is a long-term live, many people can not stick to it, natural decline.

Can a website make money?

Traffic is king, the traffic here certainly does not refer to the signal traffic, refers to the user’s browsing and clicking, as long as the search engine is still there, then the site will have traffic, will always have the opportunity to make money.

Everyone would like to make legit money online free. How do websites make money?

Many friends do website is only used for drainage, in fact, the website itself can be converted into income flow, how to transform it?

1. Advertising revenue

The advertising revenue of the website is generally divided into several kinds

A. The blank space on the website and the position reserved for advertisement can be rented according to the time. For example, how much is A banner space per week?

B. Match advertising alliance and other advertisements. By inserting the affiliate’s code into the system, the affiliate pays for clicks on the site’s ads, which are typically the main source of revenue for acquisition sites.

C. Promotion alliance of Taobao, etc. When you look at the website, you must have encountered suddenly opened Taobao or Jingdong and so on. This is actually the stationmaster connected with the promotion of Taobao customers. You click on his website and you will have his Cook in your browser.

D. CPA Jump Ads: Jump Ads that suddenly jump to another page and let you download a game app, etc.

2. Drainage: Service revenue

Some websites themselves are doing drainage, or services, every day someone can visit to promote their products and services, which itself brings a very considerable income.

3. Sell station

A site with traffic and weight, is very valuable, for a variety of reasons do not want to operate, it is possible to sell the site, the price of the general site is the site every month 20-60 times the income.

There are many channels for the website to realize the traffic, but if all the channels are done, it will greatly affect the user experience of the website, so generally only do 2 to 3 channels, there are so many channels, then how much income can a website have every day?

The income of a website is related to how many people can enter the website every day. Because the traffic of the website is the accurate flow of passive search, the conversion rate is high, so the value of the traffic is greater. We also need to understand a concept is the weight of the site, simply say that the higher the weight of the site, then the site can bring the greater the traffic, general small baidu weight

Do 2-3 is no problem, is roughly 200 a day – 500 IP, according to different channels of cash, the value is also have change, on average every ip1 yuan or can do, so a website baidu weight 2-3 daily income is in 500 yuan, this is the current capacity of baidu, there can be no webmaster, do a search engine, baidu’s market share at 70%, so the other engine will certainly bring a lot of traffic, but we don’t calculate. Some people may think that the income of 500 yuan a day is not very high, in fact, the upper limit of the website is very high. The profit rule of the Internet is winner-takes-all, and to take an example of a collection site that does the best,This is a very large collection of film station data, you can see the light baidu every day is more than 9W IP, so his income every day is how much? He only has 2 cash channels. Tomorrow I will share 13 Ways to Get Paid to Surf the Web.

Each IP is forced to jump to the lottery page, and 0.5 yuan less is calculated each time, so the daily income is 4.5RMB.His advertising space is calculated at 10 yuan per thousand times of display. According to the fact that he has only two advertising Spaces, his daily income of advertising space is 8,755 yuan.

This collection station does not need to do anything every day, it is automatic collection, every day there are more than 50,000 income into the account, or to the less calculated, what is more terrible? Sites like this, this person’s server layout looks at 10…Calculate so, is the flow income of the website still very terrible?Believe that everyone will look at some of the popular movie in free time, but a lot of movies are need to open the video platform members, sometimes we just want to see this film, but it takes 10 yuan membership fees, it’s worth, so many people will find free movies on the Internet site, today the elder brother of the money you tell me about these sites.

The cost of setting up a website is very small, with many selling off-the-shelf websites for only a few hundred yuan. And it can be automatically updated, saving a lot of labor costs. Find some popular resources to promote on various platforms. Get a lot of users.

Let’s talk about profit, selling members, the price used to be 10 yuan a year, now basically are wholesale to wechat business, basically no cost, their background unlimited open.

Movie station advertising, many are CPS mode, click on the income, some sites sell advertising space, the price is very high.Sales site, the source package of this site for sale, unlimited replication.

Always feel in the network to make money on the need to have their own website, if not their own website, like living in the crotch of others, do not know which day will be crushed to death. When I have no website, I have done some platforms, such as Sina blog, Douban network, Zhihu, Tianya forum, etc. Although the platform flow is good, it is easy to be banned, or even banned. May be blocked many times, especially eager to have a website of their own, a belongs to their own money-making platform.

In fact, I learn to build a station is to take a lot of detours, then the station is not so convenient now, there are not so many station tutorials. Because it is to learn the machinery industry, and the network is not a side, are relying on their own little bit of learning on the network. Just began to learn HTML code, learning website procedures, learning imitation station, learning mobile phone station production, although paid a lot, but always a second knife. In fact, now I understand that there is no need to learn how to operate, directly buy the template of others, and their professional is far better than their own.How can beginners build their own websites and make money.Although the station is now a fool, but also need to be familiar with the operation process of the station, the better use of the website to make money. Now you should understand how you can make money surfing online.

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