how much money can you make blogging and write article in 2021

how do blogs generate income

Do you know how do bloggers make money? Now few people will come to me to learn how to make money from the blog, because they are all in a rush to shake sound, from the media this piece to play, in addition to the recent Baidu negative information is not a lot of it? Market value has been falling, a lot of partners said that Baidu has been no good, but I do not think so.

Baidu to search engine industry at present, and also accounts for 70% of China’s market share, we want to through the blog to make money, also need to rely on search engines to eat, no search engine traffic, for cash, the business operating costs, to support your blog you are don’t hold out much longer, as in the case of OFO.

On the Internet has a lot of products are empty, there is also a physical product, but not all products are suitable for sale in our blog, this basically is to see what is your blog content theme, such as net tribes that a blog, mainly education friends how to make money via the Internet, network to promote this piece of content, Then I am more suitable to sell some fake products, educational services.I will share you how to make money writing a blog in 2021.

That you need a good location, start from your best interests or professional to start with, such as food do you prefer or you are a gourmet, then you can do about a food blog, every day to update some food related content, to draw attention to the visitor, when your site with the flow, Then you can put some food related products on your blog to sell.

For example, your home: native products, Taobao alliance, a lot of head of the above products to earn commissions, are possible.Most blogs on the Internet are basically realized through advertising, so the advertisements is one of the main source of income blog monetization, who wanted to cash through advertising, must be enough big so your blog traffic may be converted into cash through advertising, like our web blog circle tribe, IP flow rate reached more than 3000, The advertising cost of monthly income can reach about 3W.If you want to do a large traffic website, your blog at the beginning of the positioning is very important, such as “entertainment, men, women, news and information and so on this some areas of the daily search volume is very large, later your blog can do it, then your traffic is very considerable.

Recently I have a plan to do about the information website of the man respect, the main profit way is to hang advertisement, the man health, eat food, life, pick up the girl, work, career, go around this a few aspects to write.Here I would like to say, is not to say that a blog flow is the greater the better, the key is still to look at the value of the flow, because we do the ultimate purpose of the blog is to make money right, like financial fan flow is 100% more valuable than some of the entertainment fans.When the weather is cold, we all like to eat hot pot, and the service of Haidilao can be considered as the national super good, I am also an old customer of Haidilao, good service is also more delicious, but the price is relatively high, said far away, we return to the blog how to sell services to make money.For example: give people name, give people fortune telling, Taobao generation operation, SEO optimization services, paid consulting and so on……

Like this some is for people to do service, through a service to make money, will be more tired, as I have just started out a full-time Internet startup time of the year, had to take some enterprise SEO services that a piece of orders, a key term is 3000 yuan, 5000 yuan a key term, one a month up to a 10 orders, it is almost the limit, Tired as a dog, like a lot of companies do some SEO services on the Internet order are lying, mixed rice mouth, that some companies don’t have much of a professional SEO professionals, most of which are some of the telephone sales clerk, to ignore the traditional boss every day to do a service to the key term optimization, the effect is not good, the price charge high.

Blog how to make money is through the above three profit models are: Sales of products, selling services, selling advertising to make money, the blog to make money is by the spectrum, like some blog SEO operations abroad a great god, and they are all through the batch to operate a number of niche blog to make money, if your English is good, recommend you to do the English station, also is to do the Google search engine, its flow is more valuable, because it is the dollars, Do a site to top your 7 Chinese sites, and Baidu is earning in RMB. Personal blog how to make money, how to achieve a monthly income of 10 thousand + I think this is a question that each blogger is more often talked about, which has some people want to make money through the blog but they will not build a blog (it doesn’t matter Jack Man can teach you) second part of the people have a blog but do not know how to operate the promotion, So today Jack Man to talk to you about personal blog how to make money and achieve a monthly income of 10,000 +, this program will be useful for life.

Step 1: Site planning and blog positioning

Since it is a blog to make money, then the first is that you have to build a personal blog, common blog procedures with more is WP can be based on personal interests, Zemin SEO blog is dream building, because I have a full understanding of dream weaving.

Before building a blog, first of all, you need to know clearly what field you want to create a blog. Personal blog recommends that you choose the industry you are familiar with to operate in the way of sharing. It may not be an advantage in the short term when choosing a field, but if you want your blog to grow in the long term, website planning is very important. Now, Jack Man isn’t going to go into the whole topic of website planning here, but let’s just pick a few of them that have to do with creating your own money-making blog. How many ways to make money blogging do you know in 2021?

Since the blog has been built, the next choice is the space domain name, a good domain name is conducive to the user to remember, stable space for your later promotion of users twice the result with half the effort. In the selection of servers must not be greedy for small cheap, it is suggested to choose domestic reliable, good reputation of large platforms, at least they will not suddenly go bankrupt one day in the future. If it is a personal blog, it is usually published in the form of some text articles, the database and the server itself memory requirements will not be very high. If the site is in the initial stage of development, then traffic, bandwidth and other factors will not have a high requirement, after all, the latter also may upgrade the corresponding service. But must pay attention to one thing, the use of virtual host friend must have to remember to choose independent virtual host, willing to spend hundreds of dollars a year, also don’t give others to share a virtual host, otherwise Sometime who website has a problem, to be a server on your site are handled, then really have bitterness could not say.

Step 2: Promote the idea of operation

Some common sense in our offline life, imagine if you have opened a company in the place where you live, if you don’t go to do some propaganda neighbors around you don’t know what does your company do not know know only that what is your company is a company, so we set up a good blog after we through SEO promotion technology to our blog to optimize baidu home page, So there’s a lot of detail in how you’re going to do this and I’m going to share with you a little bit of my experience and a little bit of my operational techniques.

In my blog online after I do a lot of work, my blog post every day almost five original content, and will contribute to write their own articles, first writing on the don’t know each other have what demand also don’t know how those platforms, contribute for the first time I chose to easily because no blog traffic big crowd is also the industry, As long as the post audit after a successful reading is quite high, I don’t but I also in easily contribute to some IT blog, BBS and some industry platform to contribute and leave your contact information, and so do the repeat every day, I started consulting with very little, step by step walk to now number public notice WeChat someone every day, That I try to get early effect, even I go to the some SEOQQ group to chat with you some friends said I wrote the article, it also proves that the soloist’s personal brand IP is propaganda in place, although there is no song song is so famous a thatched from content, here share with you some blogs to promote writing skills.In fact it is very simple and you will learn how much money can you make blogging in 2021.

1. Better experience with illustrated blog posts;

2, do a good job of typesetting, pay attention to font, color, appropriate use of bold;

3. Correctly set the keyword tags of blog posts;

4. When the number of blog posts is large, set the appropriate classification;

5. The title is attractive and contains the core words to be easily searched;

6, assist the SEO external chain release, appropriate release URL;

7, serial update;

8. At the end of the blog post, make a list of recommended blog posts to increase your browsing rate.

Step 3: Ideas for making money from blogs

Here the focus to share with you my blog to make money ideas you can also learn from, Zemin SEO blog since September 17 years into the line is basically a 5 digit income, but I heard the most words is, your business is still charging so high ah? Personal because there is no legal contract constraints, the turnover rate is very low, so I suggest you can cooperate with the network company, in the name of the company to sign a contract, Jack Man to share with you my blog is how to make money, because it is doing SEO, so I choose to do a local SEO blog: SEO, dongguan in dongguan SEO ranking optimization baidu home page is to be able to bring consulting, followed by publicity and personal brand well-knownness, the other is to blog traffic to do advertising space rental, so my blog in online after a month before entering the home page translation directly impact on the home page three currently ranked second, common SEO way to make money. These are top tips about blogging for money for beginners.

First, sell services: SEO training, to provide SEO services for enterprises, to do SEO consultants for large sites.Two, sell products: can be their own products, also can be the products of others.Three, sell advertising: to create a high traffic website or the main attack of high return keywords.Four, you can copy the current popular website system to make money.Five, SEO Taobao customers, want to make a quick profit and verify their own SEO level, SEO Taobao customers is a good way out.Six, you can learn your own SEO knowledge, teach other friends who also want to learn to get paid.Seven, sell the station, is the finished product station, has the ranking station. Prices usually range from 100 to 50W.Eight, SEO orders, this everyone knows, is to help not SEO enterprises to optimize the website, to achieve traffic indicators or keywords ranking.Nine, SEO marketing consultant, this kind of work, only out of the plan do not have their own execution. Usually the price of a plan ranges from 5K to 10W.Ten, SEO specialist – director – director, now the enterprise is too short of SEO talent, in many industries, often an SEO can kill several business sales.

So Jack Man only used 4 of these 10 methods, and if he used all of them then it’s going to be a good deal of money, and Jack Man is going to make that leap in the near future and he wants to get your support. The best way to make money blogging is to learn from this article of this blog.

Conclusion: to create a profitable personal blog is a long way to go, after the first step of paving the way, the second step of publicity, the third step you need to do is to find suitable for you, reliable profit model, and then you can really rely on your personal blog to make money. A person in the society to have a quality of life, there must be at least three ways to make money, if you choose SEO into the line, you can cross the above ten ways to make money, with their own continuous improvement, money, contacts, sense of achievement, after all, to do a cow forced blogger, the only way, Is to continue to provide high quality information and product services to potential customers.In closing you should understand how do blogs generate income in 2021.

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