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There’s a lot of content on how to make money online, and a lot of dry stuff, too. Such as micro-blog from the media, writing, promotion, questionnaire, playing games and so on, all belong to a kind of network money. So what I want to say today is how to use online games to make money. Summarized the next use of online games to make money several ways, first take out our reference. Here Are the Top 8 Ways to Make Money From Gaming I will show.

First, try to make money is the most simple, many network earn platform have try to play games to make money projects, and experience advertising to make money almost.

Second, the game sells to make money, here sells a lot of things. For example, game accounts, game currency, equipment, fashion skins, rare items, etc. This is mostly done by game studios, with specialized brush “gold” projects and script assistance. If the volume is large, you can make a lot of money.

And this method hook up to still have the generation practice in taobao shop, rent number experience. Generation of training is to rely on strength to make money, actually do not play the game is very difficult to make money on this. Rent number is more convenient, now a lot of games from free to charge the trend, such as many games need to activate the code, or simply the game account how much money a sale. As a result, many players do not adapt to the change, preferring to pay to rent the game rather than buy a card, which has been very active so far.

Three, the game broadcast to make money, honestly speaking to the strength of the requirements are some, but relative to eloquence and personal style, accounted for a small head. Now many of the big gods in the field of live broadcasting do not lack you a strong, it is good to have that. If not, as long as you have your own style to make money playing games app, either “SAO” or “wave” or whatever.

Four, professional game players, this is the most NB. Everyone has the dream of playing games to make money, and fantasizes about killing people in the electric arena. Don’t take it seriously, this road is too difficult to walk. The golden age of a professional player is less than 10 years, roughly between 16 and 22, and very few can last beyond the age of 26 before it starts to decline.

In short, it is not easy to make money by playing games, but it does not prevent us from trying and experiencing as a part-time job. If we feel there is something to do, it is not too late to try our best to do it again. What kind of websites really provide free games that pay cash?

Playing games can make money, whether it is a terminal game or mobile game, which is now recognized as a special “profession”, and there are many ways to make money, according to their own technology and various conditions have different ways to make money. Game anchor this aside, this and playing games to make money is not the same profession, let’s talk about more orthodox playing games to make money.

How to make money by playing games, and what are the ways to make money from games?

1: Game moving bricks

“Game moving brick” I believe that you partners will not be unfamiliar, from the end of the brilliant era, there are many players to use the output in the game to cash in, this is also the development of domestic online games and the emergence of a money-making career. With the progress of The Times, mobile game has dominated the blockbuster days, and mobile games are not a small number of money, although not as stable and violent as mobile games, but who makes the game productive? It’s normal to find a violent project and make a quick buck and walk away. Here you could earn money playing video games.

For example, the most popular “World of Warcraft Nostalgia Service” has countless people moving bricks. In addition to game studios, ordinary players can also share a piece of the action, which seems to have become another nationwide moving brick game after DNF.

How to make money by playing games, and what are the ways to make money from games?

2: Game training

Game training is generally appeared in some particularly popular end games and mobile game, with their superb technology and ample time, can help do not have too much time to play the game player level, brush equipment, copy and so on. Now the player consumption level and a few years ago has been unable to compare with, spend a little money, you can achieve their needs, many players are willing to pay for this.I always make money gaming on xbox in 2019-2020.

Most of the game should be the end of the game “world of warcraft” and mobile game “fantasy westward three-dimensional version”, are the need to spend a lot of online time of the heavy game, looking for the practice is understandable, and the practice is also earning basin full.

How to make money by playing games, and what are the ways to make money from games?

3: Game testing platform

Game trial platform is a way to make money by playing games gradually emerging in the last two years. Through the trial platform, you can play a lot of popular mobile game. As long as you meet certain requirements (generally level and combat power), you can directly receive rewards.

This way to compare the game moving bricks and game training to be relatively easy, do not need to hoard gold props in the game material, also do not need to offline or on the trading platform to cash, as long as the game has been playing. All the rewards are issued to their own platform account direct withdrawal, should be playing games to make money the most convenient one.

However, there are many online platforms, most of which are unreliable, such as digging pits to allow users to recharge in advance, or failing to withdraw cash. This also dissuades a lot of people who want to go into the pit. In fact, there are still safe and reliable withdrawal of reliable platforms, but you need to slowly discover.

Play games to make money involves all aspects of a lot of, if want to rely on the professional “fortune”, need to have a lot of rigid demand, if just want to in the process of playing the game, earn pocket money, or choose the game demo platform to compare, spare some time every day, use your fingers, earn pocket money also is very good.

Now, the national network coverage rate is as high as 80% or so, many families have installed broadband, usually nothing when the Internet will play games, playing games with the computer to make money is still very reliable, next, Xiaobian recommend you to use the computer to make money, I hope to help you to make more money.

The way to make money by playing games on the computer is very simple. As long as you register an account in the gathering enjoy games, you can experience playing games in the gathering enjoy games trial area to make money. Each game can bring you a good income, and you can rest assured to experience it. Here you could earn cash playing free games. Open the above address, you can directly register together enjoy the tour official website, after you successfully registered, you can directly enter the game trial area in the navigation bar, directly to experience a lot of games to make money.

As can be seen from the figure, many games are popular page games. You can spend your usual time playing games in group games, so you can get a good income in group games. Here, upgrade through trial play, when your level reaches the specified requirements of the official website, you will get the corresponding rewards given to you by the official website. Generally speaking, playing for an hour can earn you more than 2 yuan, and playing for 10 hours a day can earn you more than 20 yuan. For those of you who have nothing to do at home, this is the best way to make extra money on the side. Here is a description of the rewards for a particular game (10000U coins =1 yuan) :

Compared with other platforms, enjoy the game to give the reward is very high, so, want to make money by playing games on the computer, might as well consider to enjoy the game to make money, after all, playing games to make money, mainly to see the high reward. In addition to the game trial, enjoy the tour there are a lot of money, we can participate in, such as: QP trial, financial investment, invite friends, puzzle guessing and so on, these projects we can operate oh!

Well, the above is Xiaobian for you to introduce the use of computer games to make money, want to know more ways to make money, all enjoy the tour together. Join a professional team and play games.

The game is particularly good, you can participate in some professional team, or some amateur team, to play some games, the bonus is very objective. How to make money by playing games. The game is good, you can open a live broadcast, good management, popularity is not bad if a month can easily over a thousand income, or even more, you can refer to the practice of those big V.

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