How to make money from “We Media” videos in 2021

The main mode of “We Media” videos is to record personalized videos, that is, through the influence of personal image and personality content on fans, fans will be driven to buy their endorsed or self-operated commodities through online e-commerce platforms. The commodities are mostly concentrated in categories such as clothing, snacks and accessories, which can be summarized as “web celebrity We Media + E-commerce” mode. Do you know how to make money using social media?

make money on social media
making money from social media

Attract fans to watch the broadcast in a well-designed place and attract fans to buy the endorsed or self-operated products through advertising effect. Compared with the traditional mode of recording personalized videos, this mode has a closer interaction with fans, and can more effectively attract fans’ attention to the products it endorses, thus generating stronger purchasing power. At the same time, fans can directly give them to anchors through gifts and bounties provided by live streaming platforms, so that anchors can gain greater economic benefits.

Web celebrity video marketing mode mainly relies on live broadcast content to show the characteristics of web celebrity itself and attract the attention of fans. Whether the live broadcast content is wonderful and consistently attractive is the key to determine whether it can continue to attract the attention of fans. However, at present, most web celebrity video broadcast modes have several obvious defects: stale content and lack of innovation, rigid mode, too simple form and lack of overall planning and planning.

When fans see the same online games, food and heart-talk live broadcast on the video broadcast platform, they will naturally choose those web celebritys with more wonderful content, more diversified forms and more resonant. This is also the reason why most web celebrity video marketing strategies are difficult to achieve sustainable success.These are social media money making tips for you.

More importantly, in order to attract attention in the short term, many web celebrity even break the law, attract fans with vulgar and violent content and realize product marketing, which greatly damages the user experience of fans. Most BBBs still focus on catching eyeballs quickly but lack depth and originality in their live content, which makes it difficult to maintain a stable fan base.Let me tell you more ways to make money on social media.

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