How to make quick money from selling ebooks in 2021

Tips for making money from your eBook

The era of knowledge pay, is the era of picking up money, why say so? You know, if you share what you know, or what you know, and you get paid, what could be an easier way to make money?More importantly, a lot of people are very fierce or dry goods super much, but he does not know to share, not willing to share, so, your opportunity is more, why? I will share 19 Steps to Make Money Writing eBooks in 2021.

Because most people are afraid or afraid to share, or not used to share, which have to talk, typing can make money, he does not adapt, he does not understand, so?? You, if you understand, you have a chance to make money. Isn’t it?Before the public number can be rewarded, countless public number received thousands of millions of bounty, but later apple a letter, how many people can not sleep, suddenly less millions! There are more solutions than problems, and e-books are the best solution.

How profitable are e-books? How to Make Money Selling eBooks?

1. Low cost

Why low cost, you see, your knowledge or e-book, is your understanding of something or explanation, things are already available, but you need to spend some time processing typesetting, can continue to make money.

2. Large demand

You thousands of chat or micro class platform to see, 3 pieces, 9 pieces, 29 yuan, 99 yuan are sold crazy, at every turn is tens of thousands of transactions.

3. High profit

If your ebook is 99 yuan, your profit is 99 yuan, and you decide the price, you can use it as a gift to attract fans, or you can sell it directly to make money, and it is a production for life. No freight no inventory no cost, just take some time to toss it.

How to make an ebook?

1. Survey needs

This is always the number one priority. You can’t make money if you do it without doing research. Why? You see, a lot of wechat business do not understand this, no investigation to see, the result of the loss of living expenses are not, a lot of products, is to sell not move, how miserable!

Do a survey, too simple, circle of friends, WeChat group, one to one group.

2. Organize your material

Have a demand, verify the market, you can go to find material, according to the theme of the determination, to find relevant material, can be an article, can be a picture, can also be a video, as long as the relevant useful, it is retained, with a folder saved.Then add three branches in this folder, a video, a text, a picture, and then write the URL on the text, the article is directly copied to save or download storage, when you have everything you need, you can start the follow-up work. Here you should understand how to Make Money Selling Ebooks Online in 2021.

3. Typography editing

Take the material to do classification, then write catalogue, outline, then write chapter title, finally these material branch go down, edit typesetting, and then check 3 times, really not looking for others to help you do it.The main check semantics, typos, smoothness, good understanding of these aspects, after the check, it may be converted to PDF mode, start sales.

4. A large number of cases

For e-books to make money, this model is mature, novel network, baidu library, industry report network?? Young people are reading online, mobile phone reading, WeChat reading, fragmented reading, and now WeChat is free reading, the opportunity is very big.The more you charge, the more valuable it is, and the more the customer will cherish it.

Now more and more people make money through various businesses in the network, referred to as net earning. Including writing eBooks. Unlike traditional book publishing, e-book authors can release e-books in a shorter period of time and can use the Internet to promote e-books. However, ebook authors need to do the publishing, marketing and so on. Compared to the advantage of low cost, this disadvantage is not much.Here are a few things you need to know about monetizing your e-book:

Decide on a subject or topic you’d like to write about. If you’re not sure what to write about, look at current news and magazines. Decide on a hot topic and research it until you have enough information to complete the ebook.Then, I finished the draft of the e-book. Reread the first draft and correct the mistakes. Revise your first draft until you are satisfied with your ebook. It’s even better if you have a friend or professional book friend who can read your manuscript and spot problems. You can use other people’s suggestions to correct your first draft. Foloow me i will teach you how to Make Money with eBooks step by step in 2021.

Upload your ebook to your own blog, as long as you set a reasonable price.

Advertise your ebook. Both online and offline advertising. For example, put the link of your ebook on the forum or on QQ or Weibo. If you have the money, you can also use others to help you promote.You can sell your ebook through someone else and let them take a cut. For example, through the Taobao customer, or other people in the online publicity.

Of course, if you don’t want to choose your own topic for an ebook, you can write an ebook for someone else. You can post your AD and show off your writing skills. OK, wait for the ebook writing business.

Active income and passive income, poor thinking and rich thinking, also mentioned a way to make money, is to write an e-book and then sell to make money, because of space, I didn’t finish.So, in this article today, TIME will give you to fill in this.

Domestic about pay e-book this piece, still be in starting stage. More e-book sales are supported by official platforms such as Douban Reading.The revenue sharing ratio is 70% for the author and 30% for the platform.And Douban reading is very similar, there is also the simple book article payment function mentioned by TIME a few days ago.The article of the simple book pays the function to have the single article pays and the serial pays two kinds.Among them, the price of a single article is generally 2-10 yuan. Of course, the author can also apply for serialization, serialization function opened, pay the price is commonly 10 yuan above.Time previously wrote a paid article, written on April 29, published at noon on April 30, as of today, May 10 at noon, 11 days have sold out more than 400 copies. After deducting the share, in 11 days, this article helped me earn more than 1000 yuan.

Open the Simple Books app and select “Serialized — Paid Serialized” to see all the paid serialized works. For example, this serial article on framing thinking is priced at 29 yuan.So much for the platform-supported paid e-book market.Time still suggests that we go to this line, with the support and promotion of the platform, if you learn to promote yourself, you can earn more. In addition, the advantage of relying on the platform is that you can use the platform to quickly build trust, easier to transform, easier to publish books, get the benefit of personal identity, and more conducive to the construction of future profit lines.

Of course, some people will feel that the price of selling e-books on the platform is too low. It’s basically a few dollars.Remember: doing content business, income sources are diversified, the same knowledge can bring you more content, there is no need to care about the platform price is low, because this is only one of your income sources.In addition to domestic platforms, there are also overseas. For example, Amazon.Some people will say that publishing e-books on foreign platforms is very profitable. To be honest, I think everyone can calm down. If you can’t calm down, you can take a nap first, because you are daydreaming.Foreign words, the only advantage is that the masses pay the idea is stronger.

Because selling e-books, inevitably, is promotion. You don’t know how to promote it. You can’t make much money only by relying on the platform. What’s more, there is no chance for books written by grassroots people to be promoted on such a large platform abroad.There are also language, cash withdrawal, Internet environment and many other restrictions.

Of course, if you have an advantage in the language and Internet environment, you can do it. If not, the best domestic platform.In addition to going platform, you can also be “self-employed,” making your own ebooks and selling them yourself.The advantage of this is that the pricing is relatively free.

But this kind of line, more test individual promotion ability. In fact, writing original content and making e-books is not difficult at all, and beginners are often stuck in sales. Because there is no accumulation of a certain amount of accurate fans, resulting in the product, but no one interested in, can not sell the embarrassing situation.The reason to consider these issues when making an ebook is to help produce content on the one hand, and to lay the foundation for promotion on the other.

Take what TIME mentioned in the last article.

Beginners can create e-book guides for literacy purposes, such as organizing mobile apps that make money, and then write down the steps of registration, use, promotion, and withdrawal in graphic form. The final format should be a PDF version.At the time of production, you can set permissions with your own needs, so that people can not change your contact information, even if someone resell, your contact information is also in the e-book, which can also bring you accurate fans.

After writing the content, I will finally make a poster of an e-book for myself. According to my own needs, I will choose whether to produce a book style or a CD or other style. It’s easy to generate in software.Time casually made a simple demonstration, understanding the spirit, the rest of the retuning software and some promotional words, the poster was completed.The ebook is done, the poster is done, all that remains is the promotion.

After learning to promote suction powder, you can make money “gate” open. After the correct promotion method for content layout, the accumulation of a period of time will come naturally, every day there will be accurate fans plus you, there will always be customers to buy. Because your content is indexed by search engines, it will always be there, as long as someone searches for keywords, your content will have a chance to show up.

All you need to do is hold your mobile phone in your hand and communicate through QQ or WeChat.It is also a passive income “moneymaking machine” built by paying for knowledge.The British writer Cy Johnson once said, “The happiest man is the one who can spend money and make money, for he enjoys both.”

You know, there are more ways to make money than just your current job.You can really open your mind and try new things. Only by trying new things can you make new progress.Of course, when you embarked on the content of entrepreneurship this road, will inevitably encounter a variety of people sing decline, they have a variety of reasons not optimistic about you, will meet the kind of direct query you “with what to charge, I see what you write, is the glory of your family” this kind of people.

When you encounter these, learn the method of time, directly ignore, because “wine friends thousands of cups less, more than half a sentence”, we only and like-minded people can deal with.Content creation and making money are not in conflict, and there is no shame in being a content creator who makes money.

If you are a content creator who is constantly producing content and is still not making money, you need to think about it. There is something wrong with what you are doing and you need to fix it.

Ignore the moral kidnappers under any banner, lay their own eggs and let others talk!I’m only focused on two things: one, self-improvement; Second, use knowledge to cash in. It is very easy to make money publishing ebooks in 2021. Just do it.

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