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Here I will share 125 Things to Sell to Make Extra Money Easily. The world changes, but humanity does not; Commerce is changing, trade routes are unchanged. Hello, everyone. I’m Miss Gong.Many people and Gong said that starting a business requires capital, so they have not taken this step for many years. In fact, more important than the cost is whether we have an eye for business opportunities.

Today Mr. Gong will share a case with you. With a cost of only 50 yuan, you can earn more than 2,000 yuan a day.How do you do that? Listen to me.To make money, be good at spotting opportunities

Xiao Li, a young man from Guangdong, quit his job for some time and stayed at home thinking about how to make money every day. One day, Xiao Li contacted Mr. Gong and said that he had found a business opportunity and did not know if it was feasible.Li says there are two kinds of businesses that are very good: women’s business and children’s business. Why is that?Women usually like to shop, or are usually the main shoppers in the family, so it’s easy to do business with women.

What about the kid business? Every family with children, pay great attention to the problem of children’s education, many parents are not willing to spend money for themselves, but once it is associated with the consumption of children’s learning, never be lenient.Parents are willing to invest in their children’s education. It is very easy to make money selling from home.

I said, these two kinds of business are also old, it seems that there is nothing strange.

Xiao Li said mysteriously, he said this business, basically can be zero cost, the benefit may be not small. After listening to my appetite was hanging up, urged him to tell me about it.’What parents and students in China care about most is test scores,’ Ms. Li said. ‘They want to know how to improve their test scores. They want to know how those top scorers and top scorers did it and what test banks they have done.You should learn how to make money with no money.

Xiao Li found some notes on a treasure, three good students notes, the college entrance examination top student learning methods and other electronic version of the information, a total of less than 50 yuan to buy. If resell these data to examinee parents or examinee, is there a market very much?

After listening, I think this business volume should be not small. After all, there are so many college entrance examination students in the city. Everyone wants to know the secret of the college entrance examination success, the exam question bank of the top scorers and so on.But I also have some questions. I asked Xiao Li, how did you do in the college entrance examination?He said he didn’t do well in the test and went to a mediocre university.I said, how can you be sure that the information you find on some treasure will be useful to the examinee?

He said, Mr. Gong, I don’t need to know this! I want to look for those whole net rank to lean only, evaluate much, public praise is good, look for a few to sort out to go more! The power of the net friend is strong, everyone helped me choose!And I said, well, that’s a good idea, you can try it.

After that, Xiao Li and I had no contact for a month.The top scorer in the college entrance examination is a bible for preparing for the exam.A month later, I remembered this, so I called him and asked him if he was going to do the business.Xiao li ha ha a smile, he said teacher gong, I not only to do, now also earn 2000 days. What are things to sell for cash?

I asked Xiao Li to tell me the specific operation method. Xiao li is very generous to tell me, after our chat, xiao li to start, bought several data after he sorted out a copy of the so-called “secrets” of them high marks, everything, from high school learning method to classic test paper library, make it a nice learning materials manual, at the same time made a nice flyer.After going to a print shop to get a few copies printed, he adopted a three-step strategy.The first step, take the leaflet to the gate of each middle school, at the same time let others add him WeChat.The second step, joined a lot of parents group, community group, etc., in the group to send their own promotion information.

Third, those who are interested in buying have two options. You can choose a paper edition of the exquisite booklet, the price is 200 yuan. Or choose a U disk with data, the price is 150 yuan.

It is worth noting that now do not money of the network disk fly everywhere, why not use the U disk network disk? Xiao Li said that parents and students are to facilitate, put on the network disk to spend time to download, very inconvenient, may be a lot of people see to download do not buy. So directly in the U disk, inserted on the computer can see, push down the customer to buy the last line of psychological defense.

After making the above several items, Xiao Li can receive more than 10 orders every day, easily at home to send a single express.After listening to Xiao Li’s story, I couldn’t help but give him a thumbs up. Small businesses can make big money.Mr Li is not only good at spotting business opportunities, but also determined to execute them, which is more valuable than the former.Therefore, there are business opportunities everywhere, the key is whether we are willing to observe and think. There are moneymaking ideas all over the place. What matters is whether we are willing to act on them.

Well, that’s all for today’s sharing. What’s your opinion on this? Welcome to leave a message.Making money on the Internet is very easy, but a lot of small white can’t make money from beginning to end, all the time in pay to learn, pay to buy information, all the time in pay, pay to pay, pay to pay again, in addition to pay or pay to pay. Here’s how I made $1000 yesterday by sending 3 ads.A few days ago, in a public number to see a big coffee in the recruitment of the 10th period of the project to listen to the members, fees 399 yuan. Before, also saw a lot of people in the sale of a few before the project, and the charge is 80 or 90 yuan. When I first started, I bought one for $100.

After I buy, thought of Taobao, see Taobao have no sell. Results a search, sell 9.8 yuan, but also the original. So, in that big coffee will hold this period of time, I will change the way to play, so let me in a day of time to earn more than 1000 pieces. How to Make Money by Selling Your Stuff?

How do I do that? The specific steps are as follows:

1, pay attention to the other party’s public number, and then take the other party’s advertising pictures to save.

2. When the other party starts the class, after the first day of sharing, you can put this picture and your own slogan on the wall. For example, my slogan is “a big coffee will share the 10th period of information, into the group to learn to 399 yuan, but today I only 18.8 yuan”. So advertising language, I early in the evening each hair 1, sold out 53 out, earned more than 1000 pieces.

3. After the payment, I will tell the other party that the course for tonight has not been shared yet. After sharing, I will arrange the materials for two days and send them to you together.

4, two days of course after sharing, immediately go to Taobao to find information, found at a low price of 9.8 yuan, two days of information to buy, and then sent to them. Doing so, not only saves the time of organizing oneself, but also can be said to earn more than 1000 yuan at almost zero cost.

After the operation of the above four steps, more than 1000 pieces will easily enter their own collection account. The whole process, advertising and sending information will take no more than 20 minutes, and you can get it done.

While these four steps are simple, there is a strong money-making mindset. Why do I have to post ads one day after the course, because no one will sell them at this time, because a lot of people are waiting for the materials to come out the next day, to form a full version, and then sell them. So, I got a head start and received the money soon.Go taobao to buy, know taobao is omnipotent, the data of basic fictitious kind, can buy on taobao, earned this information to be bad so.

When I sent it to a lot of people, some of them said, “Now I can sell materials, and I sold two copies in one day.” At this time, many people are fighting a price war, one is lower than the other, leading to no one can make money.

From this example, you can see three tips for making money:

1, long-term accumulation, if there is no long-term accumulation, it is impossible for someone to know you, more likely to see your advertising;

When others are waiting, act first, make money first, as for the results, and then give, only need to give a reasonable reason;

3, read more, browse more, increase their own experience, so that when the opportunity comes, it is easy to make a small or big profit through poor information.

So, money is not made by technology, but by thinking. Thinking is not in place, there are good money opportunities, and it is not your turn to taste the sweet, are those who are prepared in advance, the peak of thinking minority groups. I think a lot of friends of the 100 network disk have hidden a lot of learning materials, resources, my own is the same, there are good resources tutorial will be saved, organized, convenient for their follow-up view and learning.

However, you know these resources can also set the price, online baidu content mall to make money directly!Baidu content mall from last year began to go online, but has been lukewarm fire, but recently looked at there have been a lot of big V began to play content mall.

In the first two months, I tested the “Baidu Content Mall” by myself. At that time, there was no obvious entrance on the PC side, and many people could not find it. But now it has been improved very well. Here to show you how to operate!Search Baidu content mall directly, after entering the website, you need to land Baidu cloud disk account, and then directly click on the upper right corner of the “sell resources”;Search Baidu content mall directly, after entering the website, you need to land Baidu cloud disk account, and then directly click on the upper right corner of the “sell resources”;

As you can see, there are currently three resource sales methods, audio, documents and video.

This is where you can select the resources that are on the shelf, set the trial ratio, and set the basic information for your resources. But pay attention to have their own copyright, if do not have copyright, easy to involve infringement.You can then view all of your resource sales here in the Personal Center.How to increase sales quickly?

1. Participate in official activities: in a recent event, the official held an event, you can have a look;

2. It is best to have their own fan traffic: to tell the truth, this Baidu content mall traffic is actually very little, only rely on Baidu cloud disk a “discovery page”, can row to the front are basically some big V courses, so you want to have sales need to have their own fan traffic. Such as public fans, WeChat group and so on.

3 Traffic problem: Baidu cloud disk content mall, its flow is very little, can not be comparable to some professional knowledge pay platform, but not like this kind of traffic giants, with the help of a large number of users do column knowledge pay. But Baidu has the advantage of search flow, if the combination of follow-up and search flow, it is very powerful.

Interested in here can register in advance to play, after all, not a penny.

4. Price problem: in the minds of most of us, cloud disk resources are actually very difficult to raise the price, similar to Taobao a few dollars to buy a few G resources are there, cloud disk resources depreciation, it is difficult to raise their unit price, this is also a problem, you will also find in Baidu content mall prices are generally very low.

5. knowledge pay function problem: I began to observe from the beginning of this year, Baidu content mall progress is very slow, at least some function development, similar knowledge pay function development progress far behind the rhythm, and their promotion efforts are not big, basic few people know. Baidu cloud disk can still do this.

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