Make money by organizing original articles into Word documents and batching them into e-books

how much can you make selling ebooks

Today I will show you how to make money from selling e-book which has been made from some original documents. It is best for me in 2021. You can be very simple to make some extra money.

See somebody else write the public number, put their own above the original article collated into an e-book to facilitate friends to pass around, so I also want to play so, studied a small while, the initial results.The first step: think of ways to export the public account articles to folders, can use software, can also be batch processing, operation can choose whether to download pictures, can also choose to output into word documents or PDF or HTML. As shown in the figure below, it is successful. Open up any document and see that the title is bolded, the date it was published, and the format of the article is basically the same. Surprise.

10 years ago, I used several batch files to deal with electronic books, such as batch change of file name or add fixed characters, batch add suffix of file name, split the document, etc., here will not expand the description, interested friends can search online.Step 2: Combine dozens of separate documents into one document. The method is also relatively simple, create a blank Word document, click Insert, select the object and the text in the document, and then select all the documents that need to be inserted, click OK. At this point we get a new document of all the articles, which we find is still in the chronological order in which they were written without much adjustment.

The third step: the use of “find”, “replace” function for preliminary batch processing, often use word friends can hit me, I will not say too much. Here I use to find keywords to replace the space, find the wildcard long tail words to replace the slogan, of course, can also replace any text you want to replace, and even the replacement of these words to branch and set the font color.Last step: footer and header batch and set the directory. There are a number of footer and header applications on the web that are very useful and free, so I’ll skip them here. Directly say to set the directory, before setting, first set the font and font size, I choose Microsoft Yahei here, the title of the small two, the text of the small four, after setting the format brush, the font size of each article title is unified and set into the title 1. Because I want to make an ebook, there is no secondary title here, just set the title of each article as the primary title.

Directory is usually placed in the first place, click quote, select the directory style to insert, after successful display can also select the directory to set the font, font size, spacing, to this is done. If you need PDF, you can choose to export or save it as PD format, or you can use the free online Word to PDF converter to convert the PDF version, you can send the PDF version to friends, you can also upload to the network disk or library for everyone to download.Batch processing is a great job. Ten years ago, I came into contact with batch processing, which is only a preliminary solution to the slightly complicated work, and has not been studied in depth. At present, the scene is to integrate the most recent 33 articles into an e-book, and some details in the document are also wanted to be improved by batch processing. Due to the short research time and limited level, the follow-up research results will be shared when the time comes.

I named my ebook “Zhou Chaoyang Collection of 2021 Part 1”, a total of 50,000 original words, topics related to new media, webmaster, entrepreneurship to make money, asset-light projects, etc., the need of friends can private message me. Ke baba, I suppose you are familiar du library, check information often search for information to this kind of platform, of course, there are a lot of people use these platforms to drainage, but many people may not know you can pay by uploading the document to the library platform to make money, especially influenced by yq, this platform has greatly increased the proportion of pay.She only uploaded more than 400 paid documents. The price of documents is not high, usually 5-10 yuan. Let’s take an average of 7.5, and the number of downloads is 30,000 +. Very simple steps you could follow to make money with e-books in 2021.

People often ask if there are any projects to make money lying down. In fact, you can make money lying down by uploading paid documents. It is not too big a problem to make 100 or 200 per document. I also often sort out some of my work experience and upload it to such platforms. Although the income is not stable, I have to say that I have thousands more after-sleep income every month. I have to say that it feels really cool to make money lying down. The following is the screenshot of my personal account:

So, how do we do that? Let’s take the Hundred DU library as an example:The first step: register an account, here you need to do a good job in the field of choice and personal positioning, positioning you are to upload what kind of content.For example, the following person is engaged in industry analysis and management consulting, so he uploaded some industry analysis reports and consulting materials. The price of a single document is 198, and the total number of downloads has exceeded 8,000. That is to say, he can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars just by the documents (platform sharing and tax have been taken out of the calculation here). As for the drainage to the customer and how much revenue is unknown.The second step: after the information (lack of information can be obtained by private letter authors), you can choose to upload the information, here can be the first certification (some platforms do not need, certification can increase exposure and recommendation), and then you can upload charging documents. making money writing ebooks. Let me help you to do ebooks make money in 2021.

Document moneymaking tips: platform analysis, document acquisition, title optimization, pricing promotion.12 Super Search Tips: Find Anything You Want Quickly! Resources! Contacts! Donot ask me how much can you make selling ebooks. Just do it now.

Establish a class + selling class sideline to make money system, learn hot style net class production

There are many ways to make money on the Internet. Recently, a friend of Medium author Tim Denning made $400,000 by selling a very simple e-book. A lot of people wonder, how does this work?To that end, Denning shared some of her friends’ experiences writing e-books and making money. Here is the text:

While I didn’t decide to make money by selling e-books, my friend (Distel) did inspire me to write a free ebook that has been downloaded more than 40,000 times. So what does Distel do?Distel sells e-books that focus on how he created a blog and the basic tools he uses to promote it.Like me, Distel always writes short blog posts, and although he has always flirted with the idea of creating an e-book, he has never tried it.We were on holiday in an exotic location when the power went out and it stayed out for days. I became idle while Distel took the opportunity to settle down and write an e-book.Overtime, anxiety, the Internet, thinking, typing.Just four days later, Distel had finished the book, spent a few hours proofreading it, and spent a few dollars on a cover online, which he posted on his WordPress blog.Making money writing ebooks is very easy for me.

I was one of the early readers of this ebook, and while it didn’t change the course of my life, there’s no denying that it was helpful, providing all the steps for a novice to create a blog.

Here’s a look at how Distel can make $400,000 from e-books.The price tag for this ebook is $19.95, which is very high compared to many other ebooks, which bloggers typically sell for a few dollars.

Paying $20 for an e-book by an unknown blogger is a bit expensive, given the price of books by well-known authors.Yet it is by setting a “reasonable” price that Distel has been able to make $400,000 faster than most bloggers in his field.Distel’s training fees rose to $1,500 an hour after the success of his ebook.

Distel writes his ebook without being subjective or showing that he’s better than the reader. It is modest, profound and useful.He believes that his talents can be taught to others, not that he is special or better than others.There is no “I think” or doubt in his ebook.He proved to others that he was an expert in creating blogs, and used examples from his own blogs to back up his views.

Everyone can be an expert in something, like Distel, a blogger who can write an e-book and make $400, 000.Distel provides the amateur reader with more than just steps. He will enlighten the reader from his own experience. A good ebook will build on experience and share stories to help prepare the reader for the next step.You’d think Distel’s ebook would be long and take years to write. But it’s not.

Distel wrote the book in just a few days, with a few hours of proofreading. This is not a marathon reading, and its length makes it all the more compelling. In fact, the price and value of an e-book depends not on its length, but on the usefulness of its content.Distel’s first step was to promote its ebooks to users via email. Some people find it useful to read and then share it with their friends.

Distel isn’t running any fancy marketing campaigns or using AD agencies to promote it on social media. Just like the style of his ebook, it only offers dry goods, which will naturally bring good word of mouth under the recommendation of readers.This ebook is about the dry subject of how to start a blog, and Distel makes it inspiring. No matter what topic you’re writing on, adding a little inspiration will get people moving, and that action is what makes an ebook valuable.

In essence, he teaches people how to set up a blog as a fairly mundane step, but provides an inspiration or two in the ebook to prompt readers to take action.The content of the ebook can be very detailed, including all the steps, as well as screen shots. He didn’t leave anything out of his ebook, and he didn’t hide any profit information. It is very easy to make money publishing ebooks.

You can’t fool people by giving them only half the story. If you want to make a six-figure income from an ebook, it’s best to be prepared, give all the steps, and support them with details.The Distel eBook serves as a guide to setting up and starting a blog. Without this guide, many people will continue to search the web, listening to people who have never been bloggers, or who are commentators rather than doers.Actually you could learn how to write ebooks for amazon. Let me tell you how to make money writing ebooks.

People will tell you what you can’t do, but they will rarely tell you what you can do and how to do it.

One of the most visible features of Distel’s ebook is his blog home page. When a user visits his WordPress blog, the link to the ebook appears directly at the top right of the home page.Distel writes e-books that have long been useful to many people. With the exception of a few outdated software plugins, everything you read years ago or years from now is useful and relevant.

When you write an e-book, you can make money from it for years to come if you can guarantee that the content will be useful for a long time.While the ebook made $400,000, more importantly, it brought more customers to Distel’s training and tutoring business.Many who had read Distel’s e-books decided to work with him, including training sessions that cost more than $1,000 an hour. This income brings more objective income than simply selling e-books.So owning an ebook has opened up new opportunities for Distel, has helped the blogging business grow, and has brought in courses for training clients.

Distel’s ebook wasn’t an overnight success, of course. The $400, 000 he earned took several years to accumulate, and he invested some of it in his own development, making it grow even further.Distel also pays for professionals to teach training sessions and attends events like A-Fest. Those investments allowed him to expand his network and find ways to collaborate with like-minded people — and grow the $400,000 further.One of the reasons the ebook makes so much money is that readers can access the content through so many other free channels.

For example, when people read Distel’s free blog posts, some of them decided to go further and pay $19.95 for his ebook.Distel has also given away a portion of the proceeds, using some of the money for charitable projects and giving back to those who have supported him.All in all, providing long-term value, being consistent, motivating people, helping others in the process, and so on are the main reasons why Distel has made $400,000 from an extremely simple ebook. This is the tips you could learn to make money online selling ebooks.

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